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Welcome to the Pro-Pack Testing Laboratory Customer Portal!

Portal Page Information

Welcome to Pro-Pack Testing Laboratory’s new Customer Portal The advantages of using this customer portal are many and include but not limited to the following

  • Customers may now log in and check the status of their projects (Updated three times a day)
  • Customers can view and print prior test reports (this option will be available starting with projects being submitted at the time portal access is granted and in the future will include a “History” of projects completed in prior years sorted by company contact and year the testing was completed
  • The new process will lead to more efficient customer communication both from the customer side as well as from our staff here at Pro-Pack
  • Notification of when testing materials arrive as well as an audit to notify the customer if anything has arrived damaged or additional materials, specs and/or test request forms are needed in order to get started.
  • Estimated completion dates are provided to the customer
  • New features to accommodate customer’s needs will be added over time to ensure the best possible experience

Submitting Test Request Forms

Through this portal you will be able to submit test request forms for quotes by simply downloading the forms you need and emailing them to propacktest@gmail.com once completed.
Upon receiving you request forms will we respond with the quote, or a request for additional information if necessary.
All of our Test Request Forms can be found listed by category on the bottom half of the screen.

Viewing Project Status

Once a project has been entered into our system, this portal will allow you to track the status of your project through the testing process.

By clicking anywhere on the project listing (As seen in the illustration below) you will be able to open an at a glance view of project notes, such as what tests have been completed, as well as an audit list of any information or items we still need in order to test your project.

The pop up window allows you to check testing progress and notes from Pro-Pack